Studies on Biblical & Semitic Rhetoric (2024)

Studi dell’ottavo convegno RBS International Studies on Biblical & Semitic Rhetoric

In odd-numbered years, the « International Association for the Study of Biblical and Semitic Rhetoric » organizes a conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome). It is an opportunity for scholars and researchers in this field to display the results of their work and compare them with others. Among the participants there are also students, often PhD students, from the Department of Biblical Theology at the Roman Faculty, but also from other Institutions of international standing.
The volume of the Proceedings presents the essays of the contributors who participated in the eighth conference: the larger parts are evidently devoted to the texts of the Bible — Old and New Testaments — while the next two parts are devoted to other Semitic texts, such as the Quran, and even to texts influenced by biblical literature, such as the Rule of St. Benedict. This volume opens with the text of a lecture by RBS President, Fr. Roland Meynet SJ, a brief history of the Association from its founding to the present day.

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